Neil signiert Poster

Hello to all you righteous people!
Happy Friday!
First off, apologies for the delays in getting you your rewards. Per our recent July update, t-shirts and stickers were already shipped out. (When you get your shirt, make sure to wear it around town with the Pono logo across your chest!) We are shipping posters this week, as Neil was on tour and we were faced with delays. We appreciate your patience and continued support. For making you wait a little longer, we thought we could share a video you might get a kick out of.
For those of you that doubted Neil would sign every single poster, here is proof that he did. Enjoy his wise words, too: „When I first came up with the name Pono, people said, You can’t do that! People are gonna think it’s porno! I said, These people know the difference between music and pornography!“
Yes, we are sure you do.
Have a lovely weekend.


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